TDD live demo in ruby

Marco Abis has published all the stuff related to the Second Italian Agile day. This means that there’s also the zip file of all the steps related to my session.

I have collected all the different versions of the code that I was developing during my session, I have cleared them a bit (ie: I have removed insignificant steps, typos, etc.) and I have written a small comment for each step. What I have obtained is a sequence of 49 steps, made by 42 live steps and 7 offline to complete the work. What’s interesting is that first file was saved at 3:40:48 PM, while the last file at 4:41:06 PM ==> it means 42 steps in 62 minutes. Steps have not all the same length of course, but I can assure you that there are always less than 3 minutes between one step and the next one.

For those of you who were not there, the task was to develop a simple and optimistic mini-parser for arithmetic expressions. There was no error handling and ruby eval construct was prohibited for the sake of demonstrating TDD.


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