I feel free

I have to admit that in a very twisted way I should really thank Steve Yegge, because he has basically set me free. I really do feel free now. His (in)famous blog about good agile vs bad agile has definitely opened my mind.

Well, if you know me you may probably think that I’m just a sarcastic bastard, but I swear, that’s not the case. If you hate me, you may probably think that, as a typical XP obtuse zealot that has spent every single day of his last 5 years by implementing, studying, refining all that agile crap without selling 1 single day of consultancy, I’ve just got what I deserve… maybe you’re right, I don’t know, I’m not that enlightened like Steve, but that’s not the point.

One thing for sure: I’m a zero compared to him. But who cares, right? And again, this blog is about something else.

I have no interest in commenting Steve’s blog content. Frankly speaking I think that too many people have spent already too many words and too much time on it. And anyway, even if I’d like to comment his blog, I can’t really do it, because he has built a kind of a perfect crime blog: I say something miserably wrong against you and your ideas, and I highlight clearly that if you tell me that I’m wrong, then it’s because I’m “disclaiming anything bad”. Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it perfect? He’s smart, isn’t he?

There’s a lot to learn here.

Let’s get back to the point: I feel free. I can go back to this blog and write as many ignorant things that I want, in whatever rethoric and unfair way my limited writing capability will suggest (especially in English) and in the end everything will be fine. Why? Well, because Steve Yegge has pushed to the extreme (and beyond) the idea of misinformation, therefore whatever I’ll say cannot really hurt anybody.

And in the end, again and again, who cares? It’s just blogosphere… 🙂


2 Responses to “I feel free”

  1. Matteo Says:

    Let’s try not to be too bitter, OK? It’s a beautiful life. Let’s just thank Kent and the others who really taught us how to feel free in our work, and leave Yegge’s and his FUD alone.

  2. theboxx Says:

    Bitter? Not really. Sorry that I’ve given to you this impression. I really really really feel liberated. This blog was frozen, but now everything is different. It’s a kind of rebirth.

    How easy it is to be misunderstood. Well, maybe Steven was trying to communicate with us how he appreciates agile stuff… 🙂

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