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Are all hardcore developers in Canada disappeared?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A couple of days ago I was talking with my boss, who is the VP of development at my day job (which I will not disclose, while my night job is
We were talking about accents. I’m the first non-native English speaker of the company and despite being fluent in English, of course my accent can still be recognized (even though people typically don’t think I’m Italian, which is kind of funny).

Anyway, he told me that none of the persons replying to the job post in Spring 2008 that brought to my employment was actually a native English speaker. I was in shock. The posting was kind of hardcore and a bit silly at the same time, so I understand that not everybody could have been attracted by it, especially if you want to work in a typical big enterprise setup. But the idea that there were no Canadian-born technologists in Toronto willing to even reply to it and being able to survive a simple resume screening is kind of disarming.

Where have all the technologists in the GTA gone? Where are the hardcore developers? Have they maybe transitioned to a managerial path and they have totally lost the technical side of the job? Natively English-speaking software architects, development managers, XP coaches… where are you? Are you all doing consulting?

Hard to say. Certainly one of the things which motivated my decision to leave Italy was the increasing difficulty to find interesting technical jobs that could afford to pay my admittedly good salary (for Italian standard). But here the situation is different: there are still a lot of attractive jobs from a technical perspective, paying good money and yet, no old Canadians interested in doing them?!?

I find it fascinating. Good for immigrants and new Canadians I suppose, but nevertheless wrong. And this happens despite the presence of great Engineering faculties like Waterloo and UofT, just to name the first two that I can think about.

So, once again, where are you?